Protect Your Online Sales
Protect Your Online Sales

What is Covered?

The insurance policy provides coverge for fixed expenses for online sellers in the event they are suspended by the online vendor for ANY REASON other than:

  1. Any losses occurring within the first 120 hours from the inception date of the policy OR where the insured does not exceed either the franchise deductible or the waiting period.  The date of such losses shall be determined by the issuance of an inquiry or notice of suspension by the online vendor; and
  2. An insured event or any circumstance that could give rise to an insured event which is discovered, known by or should reasonably have been known by the insured prior to the inception of the policy period; and
  3. Intentional breach of the business services agreement; and
  4. Intentional breach of the prohibited products listing agreement; and
  5. Misrepresentation and Fraud.  This entire policy shall be void if the insured has willfully concealed or misrepresented, in writing or otherwise, any material facts or circumstances concerning this policy or the subject matter thereof, or if the insured shall make any attempt to defraud either before or after a loss; and
  6. Intentional Acts other than described above; and
  7. Non United States of America Domicile.  Any insured that does not have United States of America domicile, 911 address and from a State within the United States of America.
  8. This policy will not provide coverage if you are suspended by an online vendor for the same reason more than once in the policy period.
  9. Counterfeit activities
  10. Failure to respond in writing to an inquiry, notice or notice of suspension directly to the online vendor within 72 hours of receipt of the inquiry, notice or notice of suspension by “you”; and
  11. Individual ASIN suspensions.  There must be a total account suspension.

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